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  1. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    As far as the trip I won at RAP. I never claimed to be a vender. I simply stayed at the host hotel. If I was not eligible to win I will take that up with the RAP board I have already reached out to them. I do have a relationship with them which includes volunteering to help at the event. If it was a mistake that I was awarded the trip I will make reparations. Just got off the phone with the manager of Reefapalozza. Mr Carroll the Manager of Reefapalozza will be posting tomorrow to clarify this issue. Regarding the trip. It was for people that stayed at the host hotel and traveled to the event for the event. I was the perfect winner he said. Regarding club booths. Because they have moved the event to the hotel from the the fairgrounds there is not the room for clubs. They are hopeful in a couple years to enlarge the event in to two room and then would have the space to give the clubs space.
  2. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    No I was not president. I never served as president. I was likely vice president when you can to my home. I said I had hoped to become president in the next election.
  3. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    Some of the other former BOD is out of town right now on vacation so I would give them a couple days.
  4. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    Tom approached us at the NVR RAP booth. Not sure how he could think we were anything except a club. I am sorry I was not a party to the actual discussion so I cannot answer that question. I am not sure why it was done that way. Not sure which one of the answers would have been better? Retail__ Service__ wholesale___ Online___?
  5. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    The account was originally created so we could order coral for the swap and Christmas party. The original idea was to save the club money for these events. Tom the previous manager of TFI asked us to it so he could send corals. Tom was aware of our status as a non profit. I do know now that the new manager would not have done this.
  6. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    I am trying to upload my PAYPAL statement it says it is to large. Anyone have an ideas? I am doing my best to be open and honest. I am devastated that I may have hurt the club. Not sure what you would have me do. I am more that willing to write a letter or to appear before them and apologize to any sponsors that were offended by may actions. I have apologized repeatedly in this thread and have tried to answer everyones concerns. edit: I will be contacting the local store and such and apologizing for what happened.
  7. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    The BOD is not prohibited from purchasing raffle tickets. As such we have the same chance as any other member to win a particular prize. I do not believe there is anyway to prove that any one member won anyone prize except in the memory of those whom attended. When I won the trip. The winning raffle ticket was in my hotel room (which I always paid for) in an envelope with my name on it. So if it was not meant for me I was unaware. The majority of the additional purchases were made by me. Yes I spent $9 on freshwater fish. I sent the club over $1459 to the PAYPAL account. The corals for the club were approximately $664.00. Buy I paid for a portion of the Christmas corals for the Christmas party. I was not secretive about what I was doing. Anyone whom viewed my tanks I showed off the pieces I bought. I am sorry that is now causing drama to the club.
  8. Kim Pattison

    Members Attention Needed

    I am one of the prior BOD members Will is speaking about. I can only address my part so here goes. As far as the club record keeping I was not a party to the bookkeeping. TFI was a sponsor. If they were not a sponsor, then why are they not? Sponsorship requires a donation. TFI gave extremely generous donations to the club. The coral they gave NVR to sell at RAP earned the club a lot of money. Is TFI nor a sponser because TFI is a wholesaler? Neptune, Kessel, aqueon, reef nutrition, cobalt, vertex, ecotech and many, many more that donated to the swap are considered sponsors and they do not sell to the public. Tom the manager of TFI approached our booth at RAP and offered to give us corals to sell at the NVR booth for the support of the club. He asked us come to the warehouse and pick up corals to sell. He offered to sell us additional coral at a very reduced price. He also offered to let us pick up some coral and fish at wholesale price for ourselves. This wholesale price was not the price that the club paid. The club paid under wholesale. The members had suggested that the club salt the tables with corals to make the swap better. We saw the opportunity to make members suggestions happen. So we made arrangements with Tom to order and purchase corals for the upcoming swap and Christmas party. I also paid for additional coral from TFI for the swap to help out the club financially. I did purchase coral and fish from TFI. In my mind at the time I was helping a VERY generous NVR sponsor. Looking back it may not be seen that way by all. This was the only wholesale sponsor I did so with. Will, you never asked me to show you how I returned the money back to the account. I thought you had the information. The money was immediately sent to the club by PAYPAL. I have access to those records if you want to see it. I was not aware that PAYPAL did not keep those records for the club. I have access to all my PAYPAL transactions since I began using it. As far as sponsors dropping us for cutting out the middleman. I was not aware of any that dropped us for buying coral from TFI if any did I am sorry. I honestly did not have contact with the local venders as other board members had relationships with them, my concentration was on national vendors, Retailers and wholesale makers and suppliers of Marine equipment. I can make a suggestion that we do what BAR does with the finances and post it on the forums. I think they do it every other month. I post my apology to all that feel I hurt the club. My sincerest apology. Any of you that know me know how important NVR is to me. I did my best to serve the club and continue to do so from outside the BOD and if I hurt it I am sorry.
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  10. Kim Pattison

    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Still one Sent from my Z981 using Tapatalk
  11. Kim Pattison

    New Nems!!

  12. Kim Pattison

    Culturing Phytoplankton, Copepods, etc.

    Not sure if you could culture enough pods to feed an entire tank only pods. For example, one 5 gallon bucket of rotifers has to have 1 gallon of water changed a day, from that gallon of water you get about a teaspoon (sometimes more, sometimes less) of rotifers. You then feed the culture with phyto in the fresh water you use about a tablespoon of the phyto to cloud the water green. The rotifer feed on the cloudy water and when it is clear (for us we check the next day) you repeat the process. They require at least one gallon water change a day and the 5 gallon bucket needs to be cleaned once a week. They are pretty dirty animal as they culture get really thick with the animals. In the reef tank they do not have the level of food and they have predators in the tank to keep there numbers in check. The nice thing about pods and rotifers in the tank is that they do not foul the water and they feed on algae not only on surfaces but also in the water column. If you are interested in seeing the process let me know.
  13. Kim Pattison

    Culturing Phytoplankton, Copepods, etc.

    It is a lot of work and requires daily care.
  14. Kim Pattison

    Culturing Phytoplankton, Copepods, etc.

    Jerry and I have Rotifers. Phyto is way easier to purchase RG complete from Reed.
  15. Kim Pattison

    Sacramento store tour #1

    I am hoping too. It is a long drive in a car by yourself. If someone wants to join me?