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    Variety of Frags FS

    How many Miami vice do you have available?
  2. California_Reef_co

    Everything goes

    No worries thanks. I'd be interested in all of the livestock.
  3. California_Reef_co

    Everything goes

    Are you willing to sell livestock only? I have no use for the equipment.
  4. California_Reef_co

    Everything goes

    How much for everything?
  5. California_Reef_co

    What Ya Drivin?!?!

    Yea eventually I'd like to put a b18c1 Acura motor in it.
  6. California_Reef_co

    What Ya Drivin?!?!

    Just picked up this civic last week!!
  7. California_Reef_co

    Want to trade?

    Bump, let me know what you got! I have cash and trade! Looking for all and any coral!! 209 898 9029
  8. California_Reef_co

    Wtt wwc bounce for a Nuvo fusion 20g - 30L

    Text me 2098989029 thanks
  9. California_Reef_co

    Black or Dark Blue Buckets

    I have red sea buckets at the shop $3 each if your interested. Thanks
  10. California_Reef_co

    450 gallon setup for sale ($5,500 OBO)

    $4500 Obo
  11. California_Reef_co

    450 gallon setup for sale ($5,500 OBO)

    Hi, i have a 450 gallon reef aquarium for sale, asking $5,500 OBO. The tank is 96L x 36W x 30H and is made of starphire.It is rimless with euro brace and is in new condition. The stand is 40 inches tall and 70 inches tall including the tank. The sump is used and its 73.5L x 21.5W x 19.5H custom light rail, skimmer and all plumbing is included. Call or text 209 898 9029
  12. California_Reef_co

    Ca Reef Co is under new ownership!!!!

    Thanks, stop by wheneveryou have the time.
  13. California_Reef_co

    Ca Reef Co is under new ownership!!!!

    stop by and say hi to Anthony and Matt!!! we will be open 1/1/17 all dry goods will be %10 to %80 off depending on the item. all corals are %25 off!!!
  14. California_Reef_co

    Ca Reef Co is under new ownership!!!!

  15. California_Reef_co


    I might go on sunday, it's still in the air!! Lol, nothing like a last minute trip!
  16. California_Reef_co

    Moving Sale

    Sale starts 7/27 and ends 7/31 We are moving to a different location and need your help lightening our load. Our new address is 37420 Cedar Blvd, Ste A newark Ca. We will be closed Monday 8/1 to Wednesday 8/4. 35% off ALL FISH Buy One Get One Free for all 10$ and 20$ Corals! Real Reef Rock is at 6$ a Pound Base Rock is at 1.50$ a Pound Various Deals throughout the Store just ask!
  17. California_Reef_co

    Omg this wrasse

    That's a sweet piece of wrasse!!!!
  18. California_Reef_co

    FATHERS DAY SALE!!!! (6/17-6/19)

    15% off all fish foodAll frags are buy 4 get 3 more freeAll warner marine products are buy one get one freeAll fish are 20% off5 gallons of ro/di water free with every $30 purchase Real reef rock $6 per pound20% off all waterAll cadlights tanks are 10% off
  19. California_Reef_co

    Ca Reef Co is Hiring

    Hi, we are currently hiring part time employees 12-24 hours per week. please send your resume to Anthony@careefco.com & Anthonyvyeda@yahoo.com Responsibilities include cleaning, fragging, aquarium maintenance, sales, ect. entry pay is $10 per hour + perks pay re-evaluated after 6 months. you must have some experience with either fresh or saltwater aquariums.
  20. California_Reef_co

    Grow out?

    maybe a dendro grow out?
  21. Hey NVR!We are moving to a different location and need your help lightening our load! 50% off ALL FISH AND INVERTEBRATES Buy One Get One Free for all 10$ and 20$ Corals! Real Reef Rock is at 6$ a Pound Base Rock is at 1.50$ a Pound Various Deals throughout the Store just ask! Do not wait until the weekend! People are filling the store as we speak!
  22. Sup NVR! 5.3.16 Fish List Powder Brown Tang (4 inches) - $60 = NOW $35 BiColor Angel (2.5 inches) - $39 = NOW $18 Kole Tang (3 inches) - $46 = NOW $30 Coral Beauty Angel (3 inches) = $35 = NOW $20 Fire Fish = $15 Yasha Goby = $60 Blue Star leopard wrasse female SR Clownfish Spotcintus Tomato Black Ice Davinci Lightning Maroon Wyoming White Ultra Snowflake Snowflake Flurry Picasso Premium Snowflake Picasso Flurry Midnight Gorgous Pink,Green,Yellow Zoas.Our LAST Aussie Gold Torch. These never stay long here at the shop so don't hesitate.Bleeding Red ScolymiaBRIGHT Yellow Octo Frogspawn. One of our most prized corals at the moment.Red Chalice with Green and Blue StripesSuper BRIGHT Tyree Dragon Skin Leptoseris.....very rare. You need this in your collection!BlondiesGreen Bay PackersMy ClementinesFire and IceOompa LoompasMassive Utter ChaosOrange OxidesJohn Deer ZoasCRC Neptune's EyesNo Names.SC Dynamite ChaliceNeon Green Pocillopora[/IMG]YodasFruit Loops (the big kind)RastasOlive ChaliceBlue Dot MushroomInterstellar MushroomGive us a call if you want us to frag any or have question about prices. Thanks! -Team CRC
  23. Hey NVR we've got some new pieces in this week and the return of some favorite familiar corals too! Interstellar Mushroom CRC Berserker Mushroom (No relation to SR Berserker Mushroom) Blue Spot Mushroom Premium Blue Spot Mushroom Aussie Gold Torch (Our last Frag!) Aquacultured Fat Head Dendros 40$ Per Head (let us know if you want a frag) Blastomussa micros 20$ Per Head JF Jack-o-lantern Leptoseris Super Nice Neon Green with Purple Tip BTA Neon Green BTA with Purple Pink Tips More Nems White/Green BTA REAL DEAL Tyree Red Dragon Acropora. This is not that brown/red fake red dragon you see at RAP. Neon Green Acropora Lokani Miyagi Tort Acropora RR Unknown VERY Bright Blue Acropora Tenuis Colony (let us know if you want a frag, thing is BRIGHT) This wants to be Green with purple Tips! Rainbow Cyphastera Neon Green Psammacora (reserve your frag) We're also now a proud carrier of the super sleek line of Innovative Marine Tanks.
  24. Current Fish List SALE Purple Tang $160 SALE Yasha Goby + Pistol Shrimp Paired $80 (limited and available seasonally!) SALE Bangai Cardinals $15 Pajama Cardinals Tiny Sergent Major Damsel $5 Banded Pipefish Borbonius Anthias Pygmy Hawkfish (cute!) Orchid Dottyback Black Neon Dottyback Neon Dottyback Firefish Melanarus Wrasse Ornate Leopard Wrasse Designer Clownfish Grade A Davinci Wyoming White Premium Snowflake Picasso Ultra Black Ice Midnight Utter Chaos Colony The BIGGEST utter chaos polyps I have ever seen in my life. We're talking Nickel size polyps Let us know if you want to reserve a frag. Yoda/Emerald Maul Zoa Colony Nice mix rock of Yodas and Emerald Mauls Let us know if you want to reserve a frag.
  25. California_Reef_co

    NVR 2016 Open Swap (April 30th)

    sweet, only a few weeks to go!!!!! I'm headed down south tomorrow, hopefully i come back with some goodies.