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    Moving Sale - All Items Must Go!

    Lowered price a tad on what's left. Call/Text ASAP before good stuff slips away.

    WTB Live Rock

    I know this isnt what you are looking for but i have about 30-40 lbs of marco dry rock I can sell super cheap.

    Moving Sale - All Items Must Go!

    Very sorry for the late reply. I am cleaning everything up tonight and tomorrow and will post pictures asap!
  4. Hi All, I just moved and am downgrading equipment. All equipment has been removed from tanks and is currently being cleaned. The tank, sump, and stand is in the process of being cleaned. Please call or text 209-605-7063. All items must be picked up in Modesto and are first come first serve, no holding unless you pre-pay with PayPal. 2x MP 10w QD - $150 each Gyre 150 - $100 Hamilton 250w M80 Ballast - $50 Carbon Doser w/ 5lb CO2 Tank - $200 Geo’s Reef 612 Calcium Reactor - $200 Profilux Vortech Controller - $50 Apogee MQ500 - $200 Clear Water 200 Algae Scrubber w/ Light Covers - $200 Advanced Acrylics Custom Frag Tank - 30x20x8" External Overflow sticks out 3" from back. 2 drains 1 return - $100 Package Deal - $300 obo SCA 50g Cube 24x24x20 w/ Ghost Overflow Sump & Stand for Tank

    Moving Tank - Freebies

    Yea we will see. I'm about to sell off all the stuff I don't or won't need for my next build. I will be slightly downgrading so there will be some good gear going up for sale.

    Moving Tank - Freebies

    Thanks, We love the new home and moving is stressful during the summer and in particular with this heat wave. We are trying to move a little bit each morning and evening until everything is moved. The plan was to move everything over to the new house but... I didn't order my new tank until today and found out it wont be here until mid August at the earliest. I will be downsizing the system in size and complexity to a Elos 70 Diamond.

    Moving Tank - Freebies

    All fish and nems gone. Still have some snails left over if anyone wants them. If no one needs snails by tomorrow I will take the tank apart.

    Moving Tank - Freebies

    All coral and livestock free due to moving tank and having to break tank down for over a month. Please call first since the tank is at my old house to schedule a pick up time. (209) 605 7063 Bring your own container(s). Livestock Available: Yellow Tang 3x Blue Chromis Live rock with 2-3 Rainbow BTA attached. Lyretail Anthias 2x Clowns Assorted LPS/SPS Frags ?x Snails

    **RENTAL** Apogee MQ-500 PAR Meter

    UPDATED PRICE - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED! For you local reefers this is a great way to measure the PAR of your tank with LEDs or without LEDs. Setup a baseline and know when to change your bulbs or what intensity to run your LEDs at.
  10. I have a year and a half old Red Sea Reefer 170 that I am practically giving away. The tank is in great shape and if you're in the Modesto area you can come by anytime to look at it. There are a few light scratches on the inside of the glass on the left pane that might be reduced with some effort but nothing major. It is missing the sump because I am using it on my current tank. All the plumbing is there and all you would need is a sump to get going. There are 2 conditions: 1. Nothing is ever free. I would require a donation of BRS Carbon. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulk-premium-rox-0-8-aquarium-carbon.html You can pick any size you feel is appropriate and you don't need it on hand when you pick up the tank. You can order it and give it to me later! 2. You agree that you will use the tank and not try to resell it for a profit. I could try to sell it myself. My intent is to help out local reefers on a budget! Give me a call anytime if you want to come look at it, Jared Long (209) 605 7063

    **NEW** Rewards Program

    Rewards Program Be sure to Log In to receive our rewards points! Our points NEVER expire! 100 Points = $1.00 The more money you spend in our store the better the rewards. Since your points never expire once you spend $2000 with our store you will always receive Platinum Rewards. Bronze (Every New Member): Earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Silver (Spend $500 or more): Earn 3 points for every dollar spent. Gold (Spend $1000 or more): Earn 5 points for every dollar spent. Platinum (Spend $2000 or more): Earn 10 points for every dollar spent. **All Points are earned 30 days from purchase date** **Returns will void a portion or all of the points earned**

    WTB Golf-Ball Sized Chaeto

    Do you have any chaeto by itself?

    WTB Golf-Ball Sized Chaeto

    Hi, I am trying an experiment with my tank and need a golf-ball sized piece of chaeto. Does anyone have a bit for sale? Please call or text me (209) 605-7063. I'm located in Modesto but will drive to you to get it. Thanks, Jared

    **RENTAL** Apogee MQ-500 PAR Meter

    If you are in the local area of Modesto I have the newest Apogee PAR Meter for rent. This meter has a new sensor and is corrected for LED lit tanks. The rental fee is $10 for 2 days or $20 per week. Best Part - No Deposit Please give me a call or text (209) 605-7063.

    Free Trial Size Fish Food - Limited Supply

    If you would like to try some just let me know and the next time you come through Modesto stop by for a second.