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    **RENTAL** Apogee MQ-500 PAR Meter

    UPDATED PRICE - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED! For you local reefers this is a great way to measure the PAR of your tank with LEDs or without LEDs. Setup a baseline and know when to change your bulbs or what intensity to run your LEDs at.
  2. I have a year and a half old Red Sea Reefer 170 that I am practically giving away. The tank is in great shape and if you're in the Modesto area you can come by anytime to look at it. There are a few light scratches on the inside of the glass on the left pane that might be reduced with some effort but nothing major. It is missing the sump because I am using it on my current tank. All the plumbing is there and all you would need is a sump to get going. There are 2 conditions: 1. Nothing is ever free. I would require a donation of BRS Carbon. http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulk-premium-rox-0-8-aquarium-carbon.html You can pick any size you feel is appropriate and you don't need it on hand when you pick up the tank. You can order it and give it to me later! 2. You agree that you will use the tank and not try to resell it for a profit. I could try to sell it myself. My intent is to help out local reefers on a budget! Give me a call anytime if you want to come look at it, Jared Long (209) 605 7063

    **NEW** Rewards Program

    Rewards Program Be sure to Log In to receive our rewards points! Our points NEVER expire! 100 Points = $1.00 The more money you spend in our store the better the rewards. Since your points never expire once you spend $2000 with our store you will always receive Platinum Rewards. Bronze (Every New Member): Earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Silver (Spend $500 or more): Earn 3 points for every dollar spent. Gold (Spend $1000 or more): Earn 5 points for every dollar spent. Platinum (Spend $2000 or more): Earn 10 points for every dollar spent. **All Points are earned 30 days from purchase date** **Returns will void a portion or all of the points earned**

    WTB Golf-Ball Sized Chaeto

    Do you have any chaeto by itself?

    WTB Golf-Ball Sized Chaeto

    Hi, I am trying an experiment with my tank and need a golf-ball sized piece of chaeto. Does anyone have a bit for sale? Please call or text me (209) 605-7063. I'm located in Modesto but will drive to you to get it. Thanks, Jared

    **RENTAL** Apogee MQ-500 PAR Meter

    If you are in the local area of Modesto I have the newest Apogee PAR Meter for rent. This meter has a new sensor and is corrected for LED lit tanks. The rental fee is $10 for 2 days or $20 per week. Best Part - No Deposit Please give me a call or text (209) 605-7063.

    Free Trial Size Fish Food - Limited Supply

    If you would like to try some just let me know and the next time you come through Modesto stop by for a second.

    Free Trial Size Fish Food - Limited Supply

    Ryan I bought a few cans years back and still had a few unopened. When I run out I'll probably use the new stuff from TLF I've heard it's similar.

    Free Trial Size Fish Food - Limited Supply

    Sorry didn't see your post till now. Located in Modesto. Text me for address. 209-605-7063
  10. Limited Supply! - Trial Sized Bag of Cubes (Cube size roughly 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2") Ingredients are: Wild Caught Shrimp, Scallops, Lobster, Squid, Cyclop-eeze, Muscles, and Clams All food was washed well before being chopped and blended. I am giving away free samples to see if people and their fish like the blend and size of the food. I have about 300 cubes to give away and it is 100% free. I just ask that you come pick it up and please give me an honest review of my food so I can perfect the blend and consistency.
  11. I've had my new light for a little over a month and all the colors are coming out nicely. I am ready to part with this light. I will drop the price to $650.
  12. $750 Both were purchased at the beginning of March 2016 so they only has 5 months of use... Giesemann Spectra 24" w/ 250w Hamilton M80 Ballast (both only 5 months old) Bulbs Included - (2) 250w radium, 1 with 6 months use, 1 with 3 months use (2) blue+ bulbs with 5 months use (10 hours per day) (2) actinic bulbs with 5 months use (10 hours per day)

    Cpllongjk's Red Sea Reefer 170

    An Update... When viewing all these shots keep in mind what's been going on here. I slowly increased the photoperiod of the Giesemann Specta 250w radium from 4 hours daily to 8 hours daily. The Spectra was suspended with the bulb 10" off the water's surface. While going from 4 hours MH to 8 hours MH, which I did over the course of 2-3 months, the colors were great until the 8 hour period. My corals started lightening up and bleaching so slowly I didn't notice until all one day I looked and all my frags were almost stark white. Some had a bit of color but for the most part they were all bleached. I immediately raised the light a few more inches and backed off the MH schedule to 4 hours in hopes that the corals would recover more quickly. This led to recover and a brown out. The corals are still recovering from "a sunburn" and are getting more color every day. I saw a local guy posting a 4 bulb ati hybrid fixture at a great price so I decided to try it out while the corals are recovering. So far I am impressed as the ATI hybrid has extended my viewing period by use of the royal blue leds for dusk dawn and moon lighting, something I didn't have before. So without further ado... a FTS ProCorals Superman - color still returning but you can see growth on tips Schizopolis Sunset - Has growth but like all the corals still recovering. Cali Tort - This was the most unaffected coral from the bleaching because it was in a very low light part of the tank, however it still had some bleaching. Rainbow in Spain - This one lost a lot of color but has grown a lot since the beginning. Two weeks ago I added a calcium reactor. I was doing fine with dosing but I am so glad I added it. I really do feel that calcium reactors add so many things besides calcium and alkalinity to the water. I am keeping the reactor at a pH of 6.5-6.6 controlled via a apex and Aquarium Plants Carbon Doser. The reason I got the calcium reactor is that sometime very soon I am expecting a very large shipment from BattleCorals.

    Cleaning Out Storage Closet SALE!

    Dosing Package Deal - $100.00 Includes 2 BRS 1.1mL dosing pumps with ~3 month old hoses. Skimz DB4 Dosing Box ~1/2-3/4 containers of Fauna Marin Alk/Calcium Mix and 3 barely used Ultra Balling Light Components Cepex 1/2" Ball Valve - $10.00 Has both slip and threaded fittings. These are extras I will throw in but only first come first serve. Most have barely been used. Brightwell Aquatics Caclion Solution BRS Refillable large container, no lid API Nitrate Test Kit Microbacter7 Bacteria RedSea NOPOx Absolutely nothing is wrong with anything and I am just trying to free up space in my storage closet! Call or Text Jared @ 209-605-7063

    24" T5 Bulb Sale

    ALL BULBS ARE 24" IN LENGTH Getting rid of on hand stock at great prices. I pay sales tax on all items! All NEW BULBS $15.00 EACH! (2) D-D Giesemann 6000K MIDDAY SUN (6) ATI BLUE + (1) ATI AQUABLUE SPECIAL All USED BULBS $10.00 EACH (USED BULBS ONLY HAVE 1 MONTH OR LESS OF USE AT 8 HOURS PER DAY) (4) D-D Giesemann 6000K MIDDAY SUN (2) ATI ACTINIC (1) ATI BLUE + Call, Text, or E-mail! JARED@REEFFEVER.COM (209) 605-7063