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  1. Reefer's Code

    This is what I may be able to come up with: 1x mushrooms frag pack sps frag packs chalice frag packs 1x mix frag pack
  2. Reefer's Code

    Got frags for you, Griz:) We're still committed to this endeavor but the year is sure moving fast. Just logging in to inform everyone that we will be at the swap on Nov 21st to transfer frags forward.
  3. Reefer's Code

    Looks like sps are bleaching at out at the top so I need to delay this until Nov.
  4. Reefer's Code

    Please state what you are looking to grow out and I will work on it. Looks like wild sps can sustain in your system, Griz.
  5. Reefer's Code

    Slowly collecting
  6. Reefer's Code

    Update I was looking to share more frags in November when NVR has their frag swap, but it seems like the hottest corals of the year are available now. I may pass them out earlier than I thought if I get my hands on them. These are wild corals so it is best if you have qt set up because some of my hitch hikers may like me but dislike you, or should I say "your tank" . I see that Merith is going to the BAR swap next month and I may hand them over at that time. You are welcome to suggest what you keen on growing out and I will try to accomodate but sps is the risk of the day:)
  7. Secondo

    Be glad to give you a sample to try. We are in SF but mobile. Just give us an advance notice. Thanks
  8. Secondo

    Sorry to have missed this. We do sell 8 oz flat for $20. If you would like more please let us know and we will find ways to get them to you. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Reefer's Code

    Looks like the corals are doing well and I need to step up the game. Next batch will be wild Aussies but not sure when the procurement will start. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  10. The 2015 NVR Open Swap

    Yes, and many thanks to Braver69 for going the distance:) For those who got fish from us, even through the raffles, you have 15 days stay alive guarantee on them.
  11. East coast transplant

    Glad to see you found it pm coming
  12. Reefer's Code

    Frags are ready to roll soon.
  13. Reefer's Code

    Thanks Merith. Sure DerekFF.
  14. Reefer's Code

    Good to hear, but are you sure? You're gonna need those ai sol:) It will happen late Spring. Weather is crappy now for shipping and we are focussed on fish now. There are some great corals floating out there now but we can't the risk. No worry. We basically want to see if you got that magic touch. I know I don't Bottom line, everyone, please also state what you would like to grow out. Thank you very much for your participation.
  15. Reefer's Code

    Current volunteers: GrizFyrFyter, Kim Pattison, and J0E