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  1. Its Bounce-eeee around here

    Momma Bounce -- WWC OG Bounce 4+ inch when fully open with massive bubbles $1999 (NVR members $1550) https://scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/28952045_1614883105247853_6225420848189069484_n.jpg?oh=b96919bb2f756730f970bcbb6d65c490&oe=5B3B02DC Smaller bounce 1-1.5" fully open $699 (NVR members $500) https://scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/28782814_1614883155247848_7014529687733859589_n.jpg?oh=cd3f7e2608195fa2d8de71afc23d9aa3&oe=5B427142
  2. DCFuego Is Back!!!!!

    Diablo Corals is back and running on all cylinders..............New store hoursMon- 12-3pmTues-Fri- 12-6pmSat- 10-3pmSun- 11-4pm
  3. #DCFUEGO 8/4/2017

    If you are coming down for the Coral Farmers Market, be sure to stop bye the store and take advantage of our huge selection of frags and colonies we have in store. We Have our fish system back on line and we officially have all 4 coral systems running. WE WONT BE SETUP at the market but the shop will be open and if you need special hours before/after just let us know. Maybe we can do a quick store tour stop as a club!!!
  4. Grand Re Opening

    Reps from Kessil and Reef Nutrition will be on hand for some of the event. Dont miss out less than 2.5 days away
  5. Grand Re Opening

    we got raffle prizes from Kessil, Reef Nutrition, Hikari and much more.............
  6. Grand Re Opening

  7. Holiday gift certificates available

    We have standard and livestock inly GC available. Our livestock only gc are on special $40 gets you $50 certificate $75 gets you $100 certificate These are valid after 12/24/2016 and good for fish,coral,rock,and sand http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_wTKEFIKSrvg/S67uS5jmRGI/AAAAAAAARiA/NzUApAqockM/s1600/UntitledclM.png
  8. #DCFUEGO 12/7/2016

    Our newest stock has arrived and we release over 150 new z&p frags today at the shop, here is a teaser Click link to see album and hit LIKE to follow us on Facebook, btw follow us on instagram at #dcfuego https://www.facebook.com/pg/diablocorals/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1174115485991286
  9. CC Needle In The Haystack Acro

    awesome piece indeed
  10. DC Bounce Shroom

    I have a few babies and a few quarter sizes of this bounce ready to go. As you can see the mom is healthy and all these frags are natural splits no cuts. If your interested lmk i have BABY starting at $200 and our KIDDIE starting at $275. Might even be willing to let go of our Mother if the price is right Here si the mom as of right now...
  11. CC Needle In The Haystack Acro

    I am not 100% sure Ryan, i know these all came in around same time as the blue, green and purple dragons. This piece just came from Cherry and thats it origin besides (indo)
  12. CC Needle In The Haystack Acro

    We have frags off our colony we have grown out from a frag we bought from Cherry about a year ago. Frags range in price from $50-$100 and are fully colored up and healed in our AP700 powered sps system Here is a pic to show how well our colony looks
  13. Guess who is back....

    I had some personal reasons for not being around but it was nothing that should of kept us away so long. We apologize but we will make it up to those that have been there for us since day one
  14. Huge Shout Out

    I just wanted to let people know that store owners like John are a dying breed. I really appreciate the talks lately and i hope that with everything going on in our lives that we can maybe get a special reunion for the folks ( Your reef, Diablo and Exotic) maybe some candyland???
  15. Guess who is back....

    I am working on an epic comeback to forum life, be ready folks................... PS you can thank folks like Ryan, Alex and Will for getting me out of my slump and back to communicating with our followers and customers