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  1. Gucci king


    Hey everybody I'm looking for a great barracuda does anyone know where I can get one and when/if they have a season and when is it if so???
  2. Gucci king

    Wave maker

    Hi everyone I'm Indy need of a wave maker or 2 for each I'm my 2 tanks. B4 I go out and piss my wife off and buy theme retial I figured I'd try and see if any one on here had a few there willing to let go. New used doesn't matter to me I just need more movement in the tanks. Also a b4 and after attached
  3. Gucci king

    Membership questions

    Hi everyone few people have been tellin me that I need to join already... So here I am. I have a 300 gal aggressive tank as well as a 125 reef tank that I'm just starting back up. I love them n Both def want more aggressive fish and beautiful corals..... So I see member by categories how do I become a member and get a "title" and what's the best "title" to have? Thanx