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  1. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    I have been using coral rx for a 5min dip.
  2. New project. 170 cube

    Tank is looking sold. Makes me water to run an algae reactor.
  3. Hello I'm armando.

    Welcome to the club. Nvr is a great place to learn about things, find frags, meet solid local reefers. Good times in general.
  4. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    [emoji106]can't wait to catch up.
  5. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Let the games begin....
  6. Introducing The Vectra S1 by Ecotech

    The m1 I have is solid. If its as good as that one, its a super nice pump.
  7. Fish tank stuff for sale

    Looks good now. Glws!
  8. Sump Lighting?

    What sump lighting are you using and where did you get it? I need to get organized and can't see anything. Lol.
  9. NVR's 1st blasto grow out contest

    Yup. I'll take one of those for sure!
  10. Calcium Reactor on a Nano

    I'm no guru, but from people I know with amazing sps tanks, i've heard you really don't need a calcium reactor until you get some sps colonies or chunky frags. Just frags aren't enough to need supplemental calcium if your doing frequent waterchanges. So you at least have time to plan ahead with setting it up.
  11. Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Paid. Can't wait to test my coral growing skills.
  12. Random thoughts...happenings

    flikr is great
  13. NVR BBQ and White Elephant Game

    Ha. You better hope its a fast grower.
  14. New Gold Sponsor, Coralicious Frags!

    Welcome! I look foward to getting some super nice frags from you and meeting you. Thanks for the NVR support.