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    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    I want to thank Will for baby sitting my frag the last few months since I moved and had to break down my tank. Funny thing is the blasto has stayed in the same tank, just moved to different houses. I've never had a blasto in my tank before this growout. I had crazy good growth following these rough guidelines. Keeping the blasto medium to low light and pretty low flow. Feeding the blasto every few days these pellets. By putting the frag on a rack and shutting off all flow in tank for 20 minutes. Keeping sand off the blasto and corals from stinging it. Also in general, keeping a dirty tank with lots of fish. Nothing crazy, but it worked well. Hope to get a new build going soon!
  2. Diamond Jack

    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Well done Will. I'm looking forward to getting that bad boy back some day.
  3. Noooooo! So sorry to hear about Big Mamma clown.
  4. How is the build going so far Dude?
  5. Diamond Jack

    hello everybody

    Welcome to the club! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Diamond Jack

    New 2018 BOD

    Thanks to all of you for stepping up for the club to be members of the bod this year. Best of luck for this coming year! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Diamond Jack

    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Diamond Jack

    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    8 polyps yo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/108506858@N03/38854380262/in/dateposted-public/ If thank link dosen't work. Put me down on my cheap month. I don't have actual internet until Friday and can't get anything done. It sucks.
  9. Glad to watch that beast live on! Its a great setup. You will love it.
  10. Diamond Jack

    Members Attention Needed

    Just to be clear the BAD decisions made by a few previous bod members have seriously affected the club. Its dissapointing and we are in a difficult position because of it. Deciding to sign a non profit up for a retail account at a wholesaler was a horrible decision. The club could lose its non profit status under this and that is probably the end of the club. Lets just all agree on the obvious, it was done to benefit a few members buying a lot of stuff at whoesale prices without having their own businesses. Yes, a few purchases are made for the frag swap to jusity having a whoesale account. The whole idea that this place made NVR open an account to get a donation dosen't even make sence. It was BAD decision. Winning the trip to Hawaii by somehow posing as a paid booth vendor ruined all clubs from being allowed to participate in rap and max. Those are huge fundraisers for the club. Selling frag donations at those events pulled in thousands of dollars. Those major fundraisers are now gone for us and all the other clubs. If we could somehow apologize and pay the people that run those shows back for the trip so they could actually give it to someone who deserves it, that would be the right thing. Sadly, we don't have enough money as a club to this and so much time has passed that the damage is already done. Most bod leave the club in good standing with stores and sponsors. The new bod have had to deal with a lot of anger and negative views about NVR due to the above actions. I'm talking about a majority of our store sponsors. Its crazy. Its been quite an uphill battle. I've heard about other questionable actions as well, but these are the ones verified by multiple sources that we have solid evidence on. Where we are now is basically having to rebuild club from ground up, but even worse because of the bad taste people have with NVR now. It sucks. Sadly, I don't see how we get around not banning people in some form for these actions.
  11. Diamond Jack


    Moving to Idaho friends. Its been fun. I have a few frags to sell before I hit the road. Pm me. Pickup in Elk Grove. Cash. Bounce shroom. Between quarter and silver dollar size. $350 bounce2 bounce1 JF Altered Ego Monti 1" $150 alterego Jf Beach Bum Monti 1" $125 beachbum Grafter Starburst Cap over 1" $60 graftedsbcap Space Invader nice size $50 si IMG_6827 Blue Agave 8p $50 ba Unknown but nice 13p $50 uk
  12. Diamond Jack


    Bounce Shroom Price drop $300
  13. Diamond Jack

    Random thoughts...happenings

    I can't wait. Nice house! I need a roof rake and a shovel at least and winter clothes! Might have to stop wearing shorts and flip flops in the winter now.
  14. Diamond Jack

    Random thoughts...happenings

    Good to know. First thing when I hit Nampa is to go get a subi.
  15. Diamond Jack

    Random thoughts...happenings

    I need to figure out how to not drive like a flat lander pretty fast.
  16. Diamond Jack


    Grafted cap. 1" $30. First come first service on where I cut it. $150 for the whole thing. grafted cap Super healthly 5.5-6ish" Ultra Maxima Clam $150 maxima clam Maxima Clam
  17. Diamond Jack


    I know bro!
  18. Diamond Jack

    Members Input Needed

    I'm not sure if we have enough active members to volunteer to help out at a frag swap. Let alone attend one. We probably need 5 non bod volunters and at least 50 people to show up for a frag swap. Thats probably to break even if we have to rent a venue. We could always just do a frag swap at a normal meeting for fun. It would be easy enough to do if we only have 10-15 people show up. Wouldn't cost much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Diamond Jack

    Sump Lighting?

    What sump lighting are you using and where did you get it? I need to get organized and can't see anything. Lol.
  20. Diamond Jack

    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    Well done on the pics Will! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Diamond Jack

    Your Reef's blasto grow out tracking thread

    1 big one and two babies.
  22. Diamond Jack

    MisterReefer's Not So New 29g Biocube

    They won't last. They are mainly used as food for the tank. Not long term breeding pods. I would recommmed to order a mixture of pods from algae barn. They have several differnt types of pods that can seed tank and reproduce. Pods eat junk/ rotting stuff in tank or phyto. If you have some live rock in the sump that will provide them with a place to safely reproduce without predation. Lots of common reef hobby fish eat pods. They can clean them out fast in a tank.
  23. Diamond Jack

    el_ote's 10 Gallon Revival

    Looks like a nice fixture. Post some pics when you get that bad boy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk