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  1. MrDoeback92


    Selling my pretty much brand new BRS 6 stage RODI Unit. I bought it a few months ago and used it maybe 4-5 times. I had to break down my tank so I don't have any use for it Asking 300obo for it. =]
  2. I currently live in Tracy but I'm going to be moving to Stockton in about a month. I have a 90g corner tank and it's been running for about a year an a half now. idk if I should break down the tank and get ride of my fish and coral and start from the beginning or should I put everything in brute containers and rebuilt the tank the same day. Or I was also thinking if someone could house the few frags and fish I have for a week or so while I get myself settled in the new house.
  3. MrDoeback92

    RO system

    alright i will check them out.i don't like to buy a lot of stuff from eBay or Amazon, I've seen a lot of videos on youtube about people getting scammed. lol A discount is always a plus even if its a small one =)
  4. MrDoeback92

    RO system

    unfortunately i have work and I'm unable to attend =(
  5. I'm thinking about buying an RO system but I have no idea which one. I was wondering what everyone was using or recommend
  6. MrDoeback92

    NVR Photo Seminar

    Wow. Nice shots. I wish I could've gone.
  7. MrDoeback92

    Frag swap

    I wanted to pick up an acan from the swap but I didn't see any. I haven't kept one in my tank and wanted to give it a shot. And the ones Jess had were a little too pricy for me for my first one.
  8. MrDoeback92

    Frag swap

    I was able to make it. I called Jess early morning and asked if he had extra containers. i got a bunch of Zoas. I got super zeiyans, blondies and Froot Loops
  9. MrDoeback92

    Frag swap

    Kool!!! What kind of corals did you end up with ?
  10. MrDoeback92

    Frag swap

    I want to go but I don't have containers for my corals. ?
  11. MrDoeback92

    Does this have a name ?

    Okay for sure. I've been calling them peppermint palys. Lol
  12. How do I get started

  13. MrDoeback92

    Does this have a name ?

    I picked up this paly last summer while I was living in SoCal. I've made up a name for it but I wanted to see if other people named it already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. MrDoeback92

    NVR BAR Grow Out Contest

    How do I get in on this ??
  15. MrDoeback92

    Green star polyp.

    I have this frag that came off my mother colony. I was wondering if anyone would want it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk