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  1. Looking for one
  2. Hello there

    I'm interested jb

    How big is it and look like it got some purple colors on them?

    Will you except paypal & stop by to pick-up  this weekend?

  3. Benz

    Photo Contest

    Wow Where can i get one of that?
  4. Benz

    WWC pink Krakatoa

  5. Pictures will help for top $ Thanks
  6. Benz

    Hallucination Paly

  7. Benz

    Naso dying, trigger dead

    How do you put it to sleep?
  8. Benz

    Plate coral dying

    If anyone would like free dead plate corals skeleton i got a few and it free
  9. Benz

    Plate coral dying

    Sorry it to late to dip
  10. Benz

    Need a second opinion

    From my pass expensive experience,once chalice started to receding it very hard to stop
  11. Benz

    Spring cleaning in summer

    Are corals & animals are ok with lights off for 2 weeks?
  12. Benz

    California Reef CO. Feedback

    Is that the same acan grow out?
  13. Benz

    California Reef CO. Feedback

    That acan looking healthy
  14. Benz

    Aiptasia problems?

    killer price