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  1. The New BOD of 2017

    Congrats everyone.
  2. New project. 170 cube

    Very nice, I have always wanted to do a cube.
  3. Taking a break

    Hey Jeff I would be interested in coming by, I'm in Stockton what your schedule look like, During the week I get home around 4:45 PM and free on the weekends. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone I have 4 tires and wheels came off 2005 Chevy Tahoe Tires Toyo Proxes ST 275/45R 110V Great Shape 4 BOSS Motorsport Rims older set 1 has pot hole damage. Located in Stockton, Send me a PM if interested.
  5. Joe the coral sps

    Let me know I'm in Stockton Have a big tank with lots and lots of room Thanks
  6. Joe the coral sps

    Interested, what is the "small tiny frag" of.
  7. Discosoma fragging

    I have seen this done before and it always works just cut through the middle and try to get the center, but I personally just let them grow and before you know you have plenty, in the past 1 can turn into 5 or 6 in about a year in my tank, and currently the same I have a few different kind that just keep multiplying.
  8. NVR Christmas Party

    I will be there plus 1
  9. Membership Renewal option

    I also need to renew when one of you have the time.
  10. I have submitted a question to them to see if a newer controller will work. was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. Waiting for a reply....
  11. Hello all, I came across a really good deal for 4 AI sol blues. the guy told me the controller was weird from the start. I have tried reset, I have uploaded new firmware, this thing still doesn't seem to do any thing but keep the time and date. Question is has anyone else had this issue? and will an newer controller work with these lights? Thanks.
  12. LF Cheato

    Thanks bbuteman, Was nice meeting you. Please close this post Thanks
  13. LF Cheato

    Yes I do I will send you my cell number. Thanks
  14. LF Cheato

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a baggie of cheato have a new tank cycling and need some to throw into the sump. Send me PM or leave a msg. Thanks in advance