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  1. Great thank you all for the info.
  2. So I want to get a school of chromis fish started in my tank. I wanted to get 5 but I'm worried they might pair up and the 5th will get bullied to death. So should I stick with even numbers, or does it matter?
  3. Bloreef

    Aquavitro fuel

    My LFS suggested that I use this aquavito fuel as a reef supplement. Does anybody have any experience with this product? Positive or negative.
  4. Bloreef

    Off The Shelf 'Scape

    That's a pretty awesome setup
  5. Bloreef

    New NVR member

    I'm in Escalon just north of Modesto
  6. Bloreef

    New NVR member

    Hello, My name is Brandon. I'm still learning the ins and outs of the reefing world, but excited to have all the members of the NVR and their experiences to help me along the way. I started a coupe years ago with a simple 30 gal tank, an about a year ago moved up to a 45 gal JBJ Rimless that doing quiet well. Pleased to be in the group.