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Coralplugs is your source for coral frag plug. Who said Coral Farming have to be expensive. We guarantee the lowest price of coral frag plug in the business of coral farming
Our plugs are perfect for the propagation or fragging of sps and placing it in high flow area. With an bigger stem. There is little to no movement of the plug to prevent it from tipping over while in a high current. Beside sps, these are also perfect for lps, softy, zoanthid and much more coral.
Don't worry about our frag plug because we've taken the time to cured them in RO/DI water with water change every 2 day for 4 weeks before pulling them out to dry and ship out to our valuable customer. So you can use it right out of the box.
Another great thing about our frag plugs over our competitors and other ceramic plugs are the micro hole we incorporate all over our frag plug. These help for the ease of bacteria to colonize. Which in term help act as an nature filter such as live rock.

website http://www.coralplugs.com/


Coral Plugs- 10% off discount Code located in the members only forum. Edited by S_luark

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