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These items are all stocked in the Lab...


Single Space FragDomes (4 pack) - $10

Triple Space Frag Domes (4 Pack) - $20




MiniDomes (12) - $15




PicoDomes (12) - $5




ChaliceFlats (4 Pack) - $10




7 Deadly FragRack - $20


Perfect 10 FragRack - $25


Lucky 13 FragRack - $35


Blackjack 21 FragRack- $50


Samples of the FragRacks - these are each hand crafted, so they depend on the build.  Number corresponds to the number of spaces in the rack.  I can build to request, i.e. Bonsai style, flat, corner, etc...




MagFrag Single - $10




MagFRag Single Corner - $12




MagFrag Double - $15


MagFrag Triple - $20


Sample MagFrags.  Number corresponds to the number of spaces in the Rack.





I also do custom orders to be built in the Lab as well as builds at your place.

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