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CRC Acan Grow out tracking thread

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Due to the forum upgrade and posting issues for these threads, everyone will be given till the 14th to post their pics.

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Mark  Fagundes congrats on the win of the acan grow out. Please post a little bit about your tank and what you did in your mind that made the acan thrive in your tank. I will get your gift card to you asap.

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Oh sweet!!! Do you want me to post tank specs and growing tech here or in another post?

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Hey sorry Everyone Life Has really got a way from me I need to do my write up here.


Tank Specs:

75 Gal Dt w/ 30 Gal Sump

Aquatic Life Light T5 HO 6-Lamp bulbs are - ATI Blue Plus (2), ATI Aquablue Special (1), ATI Purple Plus (1), ATI Coral Plus  (2)

Coral Life 120 Protein Skimmer

7" Filter Sock Changed every 4 days

BRS dual Reactor (GFO 1 1/2 Cup, 2 Cups of ROx 0.8 Carbon) Changed once a month

BRS 4 Stage RO/DI Unit

60-70 Lb of live rock

60 Lb of Live sand

1200GPH Return pump

(2) Power heads 650GPH

300W Eheim JAGER Heater

Lighting Duration:

2 Bulbs On at 6:30 am Blue Plus and Coral Plus

4 Bulbs On with 2 at 12:00 PM

4 Bulbs Off at 5:00PM

Moon Light on at 7:00Pm

2 Bulbs Off at 8:00PM

Moon Off at 10:30

Tank Numbers: (Using Hanna Checker and Red Sea)

Salinity 1.025

Ammo 0

Nitrite 0


Phos .23

Alk 11.2

Cal 425

Mag 1300

Stock List:

Snow Flake Eel, ocellaris Clown, Sailfin Tang, Blue Damsel, Lawnmower Blenny, 50-75 Snails

approximately 75-100 Corals (Zoa, Palys, SPS, LPS) Size range from Nickel to Base ball.

4 Anemones


I would Feed the Coral about every 3-4 days mostly whole shrimp cut to small pieces and Smashed. the coral loves to eat


it was in a low flow spot with a more constant direction flow, sitting on the sand bed likes lower light,

I have might light sitting on the rim of the tank so not much light is spilled over.




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