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Joe's Innovative Marine Lagoon 25

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I got this for Christmas and it's been up and running for the past month and a half. I will not be focusing on the coral list for a while until I feel satisfied with what I have in it. Please if you have any questions just ask.

Here's the set up!


Innovative Marine Minimax Reactor running BRS gfo and BRS Carbon rox .8

Innovative Marine Custom-Caddy- 1st stage - Purigen - 2nd stage -Seachem Matrix Bio Media

Lighting - Kessil A160we Tuna Blue

Sand - Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Live Sand 20 Pound

Rock - BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock 13 Pounds

Heater - Fluval E Series 100 Watt Heater

Bacteria Booster - Aquavitro Seed for as instructed. After the 8 days I saw no change then I skipped a day and decided to add Dr Tims One and Only for Reef, Nano, and Seahorses as instructed

What I dose: Continuum Bacter-M

Water changes every Weds

Review: I realize there aren't many reviews for it since its new to the market but I can say it's well built. The glass is extremely clear. The only thing I would have to add is the skimmer needed for the tank would only be the innovative marine ghost skimmers. I also built the stand myself so it cost me very minimum.

Cost: Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Fusion Lagoon $268.74

Kessil A160we Tuna Blue $257.22

Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Live Sand 20 Pounds $30.85

BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock 13 Pounds $49.27

Innovative Marine Minimax Reactor

Seachem The Bag $10

Innovative Marine Custom-Caddy $24.99

Seachem Purigen 100mL $8.49

Dr. Tims One and Only for Reef $25.17

Seachem Matrix Bio Media 2L $19.99

Diy Stand $50-70

Gooseneck for Kessil $34.99

Fluval E Series 100watt Heater $43.09

Still Need: Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer Desktop $149.99

And AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro $99.99

December 28th, 2015



Some emarco- 400


January 9th, 2016


January 21st, 2016 cycle is at its peak



February 10th, 2016 c5de7ac8fd240b5a5ca794a767fd0793.jpg

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