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el_ote's 10 Gallon Revival

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Full tank shot. ATO is doing pretty good. I added the brs 1.1ml doser for alk and am only going to be doing 1 minute a night since my useage is pretty low, but by the end if the week it drops more than I want. I switched out my ato reservoir for the Voss water bottle and am using a smaller one for the alk. I think they look cool.




Hope to get a green bta and want the alk stable. Maybe a rock flower anemone and an anemone porcelain crab.


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So this happened last night.
I must've knocked my digital timer from out off to on mode so once my alk kicked on, it stayed on until I noticed it running in the morning!

Alk snowstorm, no water on hand and all day at work before I can do anything.

Did two separate water changes and things still look snowy but at least I can see into the tank and the fish are moving. The inverts are iffy...

I tested the alk after the first 5 gallon change and it was off the charts. After the second change, alk came in at 11.2 dkh.

I'll make more water at work tomorrow and try at least one more 5 gallon water change

Le sigh

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Tank has bounced back. I have gotten back to regular maintenance and also ramped up my lights intensity. Everything has responded well to the stronger light.

Most recent Pictures:
FTS with the lights off since i have such a hard time getting decent shots with the whites or blues on

Squat Lobster:
I love these guys, they're so funny to watch. Here he's munching on a bristle worm

Blood Shrimp:
The color on these shrimp is amazing


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