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WTT RedSea Reefer 170 - More like a GIVE-A-WAY

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I have a year and a half old Red Sea Reefer 170 that I am practically giving away.  The tank is in great shape and if you're in the Modesto area you can come by anytime to look at it.

There are a few light scratches on the inside of the glass on the left pane that might be reduced with some effort but nothing major.  It is missing the sump because I am using it on my current tank.  All the plumbing is there and all you would need is a sump to get going.


There are 2 conditions:

1. Nothing is ever free.  I would require a donation of BRS Carbon.  http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulk-premium-rox-0-8-aquarium-carbon.html 
You can pick any size you feel is appropriate and you don't need it on hand when you pick up the tank.  You can order it and give it to me later!

2. You agree that you will use the tank and not try to resell it for a profit.  I could try to sell it myself.  My intent is to help out local reefers on a budget!


Give me a call anytime if you want to come look at it,

Jared Long (209) 605 7063

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