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We wanted to take a moment and give John from Your Reef Aquarium an shoutout for his recent partnership in this years NVR Grow Out Contest! 

He was able to secure some top notch blastsomussa for the club at in incredible rate and we honestly can not wait to get these beauties in our systems.  It's partnerships like this that helps build lasting relationships in this hobby and what NVR is all about.  

John is known to be a very knowledgable voice in all reef related livestock and equipment while providing the Northern California hobbyist with premium goods and insight for years.  

Located at 199 Cirby Way #14 in Roseville, Ca 95678, Your Reef Aquarium is a top shelf retailer in that you won't be disappointed.  If you haven't already, stop by and fill up those tanks!

NVR, BOD 2017

Blasto .jpg

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Thanks again John. Your Reef really came thru for us.

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