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Joe’s Aquamaxx 57G build

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Equipment: Aquamaxx HF-M filter/skimmer, radian xr15w G4, Icecap 3k Gyre, Radion MP10qdw, fluval e series 300watt heater, Aquamaxx FR-S reactor with GFO, running Seachem Purigen, and to top that all I off I’m using the discontinued seachem reef salt until I run out of my 400 gallon mix, and then I will switch to brightwell aquatics Neo, and I am dosing ATI essentials calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and adding polyp lab reef roids once a week.IMG_1834.JPG7718171008_IMG_0542.JPG7583880880_IMG_0537.JPG7583880880_IMG_0489.JPGIMG_1790.JPG7651056944_IMG_0441.JPG7583886720_IMG_0427.JPG7583886720_IMG_0434.JPGIMG_0309.JPGphoto jan 18, 10 36 58 pm.jpg7583886720_IMG_0430.JPG



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