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Argh! My new pretty little RBT anemone is nowhere to be found. A picture of him  is in my tank build log here. It’s been days. Since arrival about 2-3 weeks ago, it moved only an inch or so, and stayed put. Overnight one night it disappeared and it’s been several days now. No change in water parameters, so maybe it is too small to change them if it has died. I’ve searched with flashlight, but haven’t wanted to go in and mess around and move rocks all around. I’m sure he couldn’t have gone far in my RSM 650 in such a short time. I removed the WAV powerheads when i put him in, and there isn’t anywhere else he could have gotten tangled. My critters are all peaceful. Very upsetting. I guess I’ll be looking for another. This guy was small — maybe 2” —so maybe a bigger one would be better? 

Any advice on a good place to find one locally?

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