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2019 Board Nominations

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2019 Board of Directors elections

Annual elections for 2019 Northern Valley Reefers Board of Directors will be held during the month of November 2018. The Board includes five (5) members. Transitional period will follow with new Board members from active election model, into late December, 2018. During this transitional period, the current Board of Directors will release all club assets, money, documents, and property to the elected Board.



Nominations Open: November 21, 2018

Nomination Deadline: December 3, 2018

Online Voting Poll Assembled: December 04, 2018


Online Voting Begins: December 05, 2018

Online Voting Ends: December 12, 2018

Announcement of 2018 Board: December 13, 2018


Transitional Period: December 13-31, 2018


Any Northern Valley Reefers contributing member may nominate any contributing member for consideration as a candidate for the election. Self-nominations are welcome. Any nominees who become contributing members before online voting begins is eligible for office.


Nominees may accept nominations by replying “I accept nomination for ________”


Nominees may decline nominations by replying “I decline nomination for ________”


**if nominees are non-responsive by the nomination deadline, the nomination is then automatically rejected"


Suggested Selection Criteria


Board of Directors objective:

Implement successful projects that address the needs of its community


Support Northern Valley Reefers through both financial contributions and program participation


Sustain or increase its membership base


President Roles:

Appointing and delegating

Process evaluating

Monitoring continuous club progression

Motivating Board and community members

Problem Solving

Forum Moderation


Vice President Roles:

Responsible of Presidential Roles if President is not present

Work with President in decision making

Ideology for the community

Monitoring continuous club progression

Motivating Board and community members

Problem Solving

Forum Moderation


Secretary Roles:

Meeting minutes

Club announcements

Club roster

Documentation keeping

Club sponsor communications

Forum Moderation

Treasurer Roles:

Balance bank account


PayPal balance

Contributing Membership

Assets tracking


Club sponsor communications

Forum Moderation


Communication Officer Roles:

Assists with Announcements of NVR Events

Assists with preparation of NVR promotional material

Works with Web Master to ensure Sponsorship Banners and Forums are current

Club Inventory and Assets tracking

Forum Moderation


Please take the time in considering the above roles in the club. The club is solely run on volunteer time. Dedication and passion will help the club grow and progress. I encourage everyone to give at least consideration on becoming a Board member at some given point; it really is a lot of fun. Place your nominations, acceptances and declines on this thread.


Have fun!!!


In the case you are nominated for multiple roles, please accept only one. You may withdraw and accept another, if you choose to do so. When voting comes around, we will be able to narrow it down.


In the event that a role is somehow not filled, the new Board of Directors will conduct another election to fill that spot. Let’s hope we can fill all the spots though.


For tracking purpose here are the current members that have accepted nominations.




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